Lindsey and the Jedgar

A fast-paced fantasy adventure that turns children onto the fun of Shakespeare. 


I adored your book Lindsey and the Jedgar! I devoured every page of it. Alessandra Y. (age 10)

I personally like the part about the gorbots and how they came out of the fast moving whales. The part about Shakespeare is educational and it makes it fun to learn Shakespeare in a way like that. The book should be longer and never end. Francesca F. (age 12)

I stayed up all night reading it! James C. (age 10)

I enjoyed reading Lindsey and the Jedgar very much! It is a very good book and I hope that you write many more like it. I also think that it would make a good movie too! Alexia S. (age 13)

I liked Lindsey and the Jedgar especially at the end. I would really enjoy more adventures to find out more. It would give me something to read when I wait for Harry Potter. My older sister in 8th grade enjoyed it too. Micaela (age 10)

I think that the book was good. I would recommend it to others. I think that you should make a sequel. Adam B. (age 12)

Lindsey and her friends are just like us. The exciting adventures one after another made it so I couldn’t put it down. I read it twice. The map in the back is very helpful. Dannie S. (age 11)

All the robots and stuff are cool. Some of my friends have read Lindsey and the Jedgar and they also loved it. Tom C. (age 11)

It was really good! Are you gonna write any more? Benjamin K (age 10)

I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put the book down. I even read it when I was walking around it was that good! It’s exciting but also fantasy and the characters have great personality. I would love reading more adventures of Lindsey and the other Rangers. Naomi (age 10)

Wonderful -nearly wonderful like Harry Potter. Elisa G. (age 10)

I think all of my friends would like the book because of all the robots and dumbots. I love how everyone who enters Elsinore has to recite poetry, also I love the walkie-talkies! I would love you to write more books! You could make it a series! In the other books, you can have more adventures on the other islands of the Paradise Islands. It would be so cool! And you could also make up a new character called Louisa! That’s my name. Louisa could be Lindsey’s cousin! Louisa H. (age 10)

I very much enjoyed the book.  It was fun and had a bunch of unexpected twists and details I enjoyed.  The rest of the world should be familiar with this magical island. Ellery D. (age 12)

I loved the story! If you were aiming for 11-13 year olds you made a great guess because I loved it! I think the gripping text and unusual storyline will keep readers hanging in suspense!!!!!!!!!!! Also may I suggest writing a sequel (just so I can read it!) Nick S. (age 12)

The book kept me reading to the end because I wanted to find out what happened. There weren’t any boring bits. I liked the characters and it was not difficult to identify with Lindsey as she is jut an ordinary kid. Matthew A. (age 12)

It’s like nothing we’ve ever read. Harry Potter was like this in that way. Rebecca H. (age 11)

I loved your book! The way it had so much Shakespeare in it. I was in two Shakespearean plays so far, and that’s what made the book extremely fun for me. I loved to guess which quote came from which play. I liked the way you described the characters Zach and his girlfriend the most. (I have a friend who reminded me exactly of her. A total airhead.) The book is great! Beth L. (age 14)

I really liked Lindsey and the Jedgar a lot! There’s plenty of suspense, action and comedy. I like how everything is described in detail, so you get a picture in your head. I think my friends will love it as much as I do. It would make a great series.  Gail W. (age 10)

It has adventure, excitement, you can’t put the book down! Natalie S. (age 10)

My younger sister read Lindsey and the Jedgar and told me I should read it too. I think I’m a little old for the book since I’m 16, but I really liked it, and I can see why my sister and her friends love it so much. It was lots of fun reading it, I burst out laughing several times! I thought it was very clever. Katy S. (age 16)

I loved the book! All the things like Paradise, the robots make it very fun to read and adventurous.  Anja W. (age 11)

It has all the things kids like to read about: fun, excitement, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance and, of course, happy endings.  Yael R. (age 11)

It is a great adventure book with lots of action & suspense. Aaron G. (age 12)


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